Dec 2021

3GPP SA Plenary approves Release 18 stage 2 Study/Work Items for 5G Advanced

On December 20th, 2021, 3GPP SA TSG approved 28 Work/Study Items for the System Architecture Release 18 stage 2.

3GPP Release-18 is the first release of the 5G Advanced standard. At the 3GPP SA TSG#94-e meeting, a total of 28 Work/Study Item proposals for the 5G advanced system were approved. The new Study Items for Release 18 include enhancements of existing 5G features such as Time Sensitive Communication, Network Slicing, support of Edge Computing, Network Automation, Location Services, as well as several new features, such as support for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) based services, XR (Extended Reality) services, etc.

DOCOMO Euro-Labs has been playing a very active role in the standardization of the 5G Core Network. Our engagement will continue to enable well-being and a sustainable society through 5G Advanced.

The complete list of approved 3GPP SA WG2 Study and Work Items is available in SP-211655. Besides, the RAN Rel-18 package is available in RP-213469.

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