Oct 2020

Docomo Euro-labs in the 5G-ACIA board Panel on “Industrial 5G - Myths and Reality”

As part of the 5G-ACIA Web Seminar series, a panel on "Industrial 5G - Myths and Reality" was held on September 9th, 2020. Speakers were 5G-ACIA Board members Dr. Christian Bauer (TRUMPF), Joseph Eichinger (Huawei), Riccardo Guerzoni (NTT docomo), Sylvia Lu (u-blox), Dr. Andreas Müller (Bosch), Andreas Pfaff (Mitsubishi) and Benedikt Rauscher (Pepperl & Fuchs).

What is the role of the 5G-ACIA eco-system in defining the industrial requirements and make it possible to realize factory and process automation use cases by using 5G? At what stage is the 3GPP standardization of the 5G system features required by these use cases? What is the role of the network operators?

The live recording of the panel is available in the 5G-ACIA YouTube channel.

About the 5G-ACIA web seminar series: the fourth stage of the industrial revolution, also known as smart manufacturing, heralds an entirely new era. Its goal is to significantly improve the flexibility, versatility, usability and efficiency of production systems and to make the vision of smart factories come true. In this context, wireless communication – in particular 5G – is a key enabler. It provides powerful and pervasive communication between machines, people and objects. 5G-ACIA's mission is to ensure the best possible application of 5G technology and of 5G networks for the industrial domain. The 5G-ACIA web seminar series provides insights on how 5G-ACIA is working on the framework design for Industrial 5G.

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