Sep 2020

Euro-Labs' member Joan Triay re-elected as ETSI NFV Technical Manager

ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) is the home of the Industry Specification Group (ISG) Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). The ETSI NFV has delivered and continuous to work on informative reports and normative specifications that enable the telecom industry to adopt virtualization and Cloud technologies, which facilitate network operators to make the deployment and operations of telco networks more efficient.

Every second year the ETSI NFV Plenary renews its management team at the ISG level as well as for its working groups. Recently, the ISG Chair and various WG Chair and Vice-Chair positions were renewed. Our colleague, Joan Triay, was re-elected as Technical Manager of the ETSI NFV for a new term.

As Technical Manager, Joan is responsible for steering, with the help of all ISG participants, the technical work program of the ETSI NFV, including tasks such keeping track of the feature and release maintenance and evolution, ensuring the delivery of the technical work, and optimizing the results produced by the specification group, so that the ETSI NFV specifications can be easily adopted by all industry stakeholders.

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