Oct 2017

Key milestones reached for OPNFV fault management project Doctor and resource reservation projects OPNFV Promise / OpenStack Blazar

Recently, two of the open source projects DOCOMO Euro-Labs is actively working on have achieved key milestones in their project lifecycle.

On Oct 3rd, the Doctor project had its graduation review by the OPNFV technical steering committee (TSC). On behalf of the whole team, the project lead Ryota Mibu (NEC) had presented the project's accomplishments over the past 3 years. Aside from a full set of documents including user manuals and design documents, a rich set of test cases are available and the features developed in the project were demonstrated in several PoCs and demos at various events. The TSC has highlighted the project achievements to upstream communities and has unanimously graduated the project as the first mature OPNFV feature Key milestones reached for Doctor and Promise/Blazar projects. Doctor graduation proposal: https://wiki.opnfv.org/download/attachments/2925933/OPNFV%20Doctor%20graduation%20proposal.pdf

DOCOMO Euro-Labs is also active in the OPNFV Promise project where requirements and use cases for resource reservation have been defined. Implementation of the feature is being done in the upstream project Blazar (Resource Reservation Service for OpenStack). In September, Blazar had a project review at the OpenStack PTG in Denver, US, with the OpenStack technical community (TC). The TC members were quite positive with the goals, achievements, and future plans of the project and acknowledged the demand for such a feature from HPC (High Performance Computing) and NFV (Network Functions Virtualisation) worlds. As a result, Blazar has been approved for an official OpenStack project.


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