Apr 2017

The new operational structure of DOCOMO Euro-Labs will become effective by January 1, 2018

In DOCOMO Euro-Labs, the new operational structure will become effective by January 1, 2018 at the latest. DOCOMO Euro-Labs, as a part of globally optimized NTT DOCOMO’s R&D, will continue to play an important role in core network standardization.

As announced in November 2016, DOCOMO Euro-Labs is being strategically refined and will focus its work on core network standardization. The transition has been started. As part of the transition DOCOMO Euro-Labs and the works council recently agreed on the reconciliation of interest and social plan, including provisions which support the future structure of the business.

Communication technologies will continue to evolve to accommodate emerging services. The standardization is a key activity for the evolution. DOCOMO Euro-Labs will impact the future through its contributions to standardization. 

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