Mar 2016

OPNFV Delivers Second Release

On March 1st, OPNFV announced the availability of OPNFV Brahmaputra, the community’s second platform release. It delivers enhanced testing capabilities, improved automation and operator required feature enhancements such as fault detection and recovery, IPv6, layer-3 VPN, resource reservation, etc.. 

Overall, 35 projects are involved in the Brahmaputra release, compared to just five projects in the previous Arno release. DOCOMO Euro-Labs is actively working with DOCOMO Japan and OPNFV partners in two of the projects, i.e., Doctor (Fault management) and Promise (Resource Reservation and Management). OPNFV is a unique initiative, where Operators, Service Providers, Vendors and the Open Source community join hands to develop an open reference platform for NFV. For detailed information on all Brahmaputra facts and features visit OPNFV (https://www.opnfv.org/software).

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