Whether you wish to communicate over the phone, via Internet or you want to share information through social networks: Standardization is the key to making technology look and behave the same worldwide.

DOCOMO Euro-Labs, together with NTT DOCOMO, actively contributes to standardization in Core Network area. We play an important role in global (pre-) standardization bodies such as 3GPP*, ETSI* and NGMN*. Our standardization team takes the global strategy of NTT DOCOMO as well as the results of our researchers and brings these into the mentioned standardization bodies. Whereas we have focused and are focusing on contributions to short-term topics such as Network Functions Virtualization, we are also now preparing our work in the standardization for the mobile Core Network in  the “5G” era.

* 3GPP: Third Generation Partnership Program
* ETSI: European Telecommunications Standards Institute
* NGMN: Next Generation Mobile Networks