Emerging technologies such as Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDN) enable the upcoming transformation for Telecom Operators in the 5G Era. Extremely diversified requirements from new services and usages, increased pressure on margins and the necessary business expansion for sustained growth push the network towards higher efficiency, openness and flexibility. The Mobile Core Network Architecture faces the key challenge of evolving and transforming to efficiently meet those requirements while offering new business opportunities.

The Network Research Group within DOCOMO Euro-Labs

The intensive collaboration with vendors, operators and top-of-the-range universities and research institutes, as well as our involvement in (pre-) standardization activities help to achieve our ambitious goals.

But the real reason for our outstanding success is our inter-cultural team of highly motivated and excellent researchers. They have grown DOCOMO Euro-Labs into a renowned competence center and a world-class research facility in the area of future mobile networking technologies and solutions.